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            Qualified and Experienced

  • Lon Burns is Qualified and Experienced. Lon has 22years of Criminal District Court’s experience, as a former Assistant District Attorney with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office and a Criminal Defense Attorney in private practice. As an Assistant District Attorney, I successfully handled and conducted 167 Jury Trials and 65 Judge Trials. I had a 97% conviction rate.

Advocate for the Community

  • Lon was Born and Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lon has spent his entire Life fighting for our Community. He fought for Natasha Allen, who son Wendall Allen was shot and killed by a New Orleans Policemen. The Policemen pled guilty and sentenced to jail. The City of New Orleans reached a Settlement with the Allen’s Family.

Fighter for the People in Need

  • Lon fought for Chelsea Thornton, a Mother who was mental ill who unfortunately murdered her minor children. Chelsea Thornton, was found “Guilty by Reason of Insanity”.